April 20, 2017

Designing Custom Jewelry For Couples…

Jen Bellefleur

I’ve learned so much about love from designing custom jewelry for couples. I always ask couples how they met, how long they’ve been together, what they do for a living. Being fifty years old and married before internet dating became a “thing,” in fact, the internet wasn’t even a thing; I can be rightfully accused of harboring a few old fashioned ideas about love. I remember meeting a couple who seemed so in sync, they were perfect for each other in every way. Their relationship seemed fresh and mature at the same time, and they were easy and comfortable with one another–they were quite literally the “best couple” who had ever sat across from me. I asked the usual questions, including how long they’d been together, and they looked at one another and their watches, and answered, “thirteen days?” I burst out laughing because I thought they were kidding, but they weren’t. And they had made their appointment several days prior! I was astounded, and asked them more…and they answered, “when you know, you know. Why wait?” We made their engagement ring, and later their wedding rings. I was recently so happy to learn they are starting a family! And they’re still the happiest couple I know. Love is love, and when it’s right, it’s right–even when it doesn’t fit our preconceived ideas about it. I’m so grateful to literally work in love for a living. Love on!