Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions. Click a question below to see our answer.

  • General
  • I inherited something, and I don't really like it but I don't want to part with it. Can you help?

    Yes! We are honored to work with you to use the gemstones and metal from your inherited pieces to create new pieces that work with your aesthetic and your lifestyle. We're often able to combine several pieces in a delightful way into something new that you'll wear every day and love for a lifetime! We do this by custom designing a new piece that we'll create through fabrication or lost wax casting around the diamonds and gemstones we have. We can often then melt the existing precious metal and preserve it in the new piece. We love using the past to create a beautiful, sparkling future heirloom!

  • I inherited a bunch of jewelry from my grandmother. Will you help me go through it?

    Sure. We love old jewelry! We'll provide the first quarter of an hour of jeweler time at no charge, to help you decide what has scrap value, what has only sentimental value, and what we think you should keep as is and/or appraise. After the first quarter hour, we'll charge for jeweler time at our standard rate, unless we're working towards using some of the jewelry in a custom project. In that case, there's no charge for helping you sort.

  • Do you do appraisals?

    We do offer appraisal services at a few levels. We're happy to provide detailed documentation for anything that we make for you from materials that we source and provide at no additional charge. If we used your gemstones or diamonds in your piece, or if we didn't make the piece, we use an expert third party appraiser to provide the documentation you need for insurance purposes at $90 per item. Turnaround time is about a week. We're aware that you can get a cheaper or faster appraisal some places, but like mom and dad always said, you get what you pay for.

  • How long will this take?

    Our usual repair cycle is anywhere from five to twenty one days, and our custom jewelry process takes about ten weeks. We've worked hard to move jobs through our system more quickly if our clients require, and some jobs are more complex and actually take longer. We'll let you know up front how long we think a job will take, and we'll keep you updated as the job progresses so you're not feeling in the dark.

  • How much will this cost?

    Custom jewelry is not inexpensive, but it's an incredible value when you ponder what you're getting, which is a one of a kind piece, designed and made by local artists, just for you and your intended. Our commitment and love for everything we do fuels us each day, and infuses the pieces we make with soul. Some people say you can't buy that kind of love, but we disagree.

    Our repairs, restorations, and custom work are priced from a national guidebook used by most craftspeople in our industry to estimate the resources they'll put in to any given repair. Therefore, you'll find similar prices across town on most things. When it comes to full blown custom work, artists--including us--charge based upon their expertise, education, and experience. We believe our pricing structure is fair and transparent, and it will be visible from your very first meeting with us.

  • Who are you guys anyway?

    We're the team that took our former jewelry studio to City Pages Best of 2016 "Best Place to Buy Jewelry!" We want you to be delighted with everything we do for you, from your experience on our website to the extraordinary customer service we provide, and most importantly, we want you to love your jewelry! Check out our bios for more information. We treat every customer like family and you'll feel it the moment you walk through the door.

  • What's your warranty on what you make for us?

    In plain language, we stand behind our workmanship. Big chain stores make a point of spelling out how they'll do what sounds like a lot for the lifetime of your piece, but they work that into their prices and they usually require a rigorous schedule of documented examinations. We advise you during your creation process about how to insure your item, and that responsibility does belong to the customer once an item leaves our store. That being said, during the first year that you're wearing your piece, we assume anything that goes wrong in the absence of a specific accident is our job, and we help you fix it. After that, we offer expert repairs, sizing, and other modifications to the pieces we make at competitive prices. We also offer absolutely free "spa" services for your ring forever, and we're always happy to see you! We'll clean up pieces we didn't make or sell for a small fee and hand them back to you so sparkly your jaw will drop.

  • Can you just give me a quote over the phone?

    Unfortunately, we cannot. We can talk about generalities when you call, but we really need to see your piece to understand the extent of any repairs or restoration, and the condition of the piece as well as the scope of the work. We're located in a great neighborhood with fun places to dine, shop, and drink coffee--so come over and see us and we'll be able to give you a more accurate quote.

  • Will you buy my jewelry?

    We seldom buy finished pieces, as that's not our business model, but we're happy to consider trade and/or reuse on your pieces when we're making you something new. If you have something we think we can use? We'll consider it. Give us a call, and let's talk about it. We can also help you by polishing and cleaning up pieces that you may want to sell on your own.

  • Can you just put together a few design ideas for me without me paying anything?

    No, actually, we can't. But we would be happy to sit down with you for a free consultation and give you our suggestions for directions we would pursue, and encourage you to check out our gallery for inspiration. Once you've hired us, we perform more complex and concentrated design work to guide our process and shape as well as reflect your preferences.

  • Repair
  • Do you do repairs?

    We certainly do! We can fix most everything, from your tangled or broken chains, your broken earrings, replace diamonds that have fallen out, even make that ring that was run over look like new again. We examine your piece and make cost effective suggestions on how we can employ our expertise to bring your favorite pieces back to life!

  • Can you repair my costume jewelry?

    We can. Repairing costume jewelry requires a laser welder, an amazing piece of equipment that allows us to heat up an area on a piece of jewelry smaller than a millimeter in size. Most costume jewelry is made from "pot" metal or base metal, which is unpredictable when subjected to heat and therefore can't be torch welded. Laser welding is expensive, and it's an unfortunate irony that our least expensive pieces cost the most to repair. But, if they mean a great deal to you, they're worth fixing--and we can do that!

  • Can you restring my pearls?

    We sure can. We have an expert pearl stringer with decades of experience, and she does a wonderful job for us. Pearls can be cleaned, clasps replaced, whatever needs to be done to get them back on your neck. Turnaround time is only about a week--bring 'em in!

  • How should I take care of my jewelry?

    Most jewelry is best cared for with an old, soft toothbrush with warm water and kitchen soap. There are exceptions, and we'll let about you know how best to take care of your new jewelry when we deliver it. Feel free to call or stop by anytime for expert advice and cleaning.

  • Materials
  • Where do you get your metals?

    We get our metals from suppliers who guarantee the use of 100% recycled metals. We also get our metals from YOU--we will reuse your metals wherever we can, so that the past is preserved in your new piece. It's good for the earth, it feels good, and it's just the right thing to do.

  • Will you use our diamond or other gemstone?

    Absolutely! We're aware that some jewelers won't work with client provided stones. As long as you understand that there is a very tiny chance that sometimes stones chip, we're good. It hasn't happened to us yet, and we have the equipment and expertise to keep it from happening. Doesn't hurt to knock on wood.

  • I'm worried about conflict diamonds.

    Since 2003, diamonds have been regulated by the Kimberley Process, an international diamonds certification initiative, established to prevent "conflict diamonds" from entering the mainstream rough diamond market. The Kimberley Process was created by United Nations General Assembly Resolution to increase transparency and oversight in the diamond industry in order to eliminate trade in conflict diamonds. In addition to our faith in the Kimberley Process, we love creating with Canadian diamonds and antique diamonds, which we're repurposing when we design around them.

  • I don't like diamonds! Can you guys help me make an engagement ring?

    We sure can. We love non-traditional engagement rings, and we have the imagination and the experience to help you create a piece that will wow her without diamonds. We're experts in gemstone rings and even non-traditional diamonds that make wildly wonderful rings--take a look at our gallery! We love sapphires and other gemstones, and will be happy to share our passion with you.

  • I thought sapphires were blue.

    Yes, but they come in every other color, too! Sapphires are very hard relative to other gemstones, and as such, we love creating around them because they last a long, long time. Did you know that rubies are the same material as sapphires--just a different color? Rubies and sapphires are both color examples of a mineral called corundum. Sapphires come in every color of the rainbow and a variety of saturations, with only green being limited. Check out our gallery for some stunning sapphires!

  • Can you make me a titanium ring?

    Titanium is what we consider an, "alternative metal," along with steel and a few other materials. These materials are not used by traditional metal smiths and custom jewelers like us, but are instead the result of manufacturing processes. We can order an alternative metal band for you, but they can't be customized or sized and if you ever change size, you'll have to get another ring altogether--something to consider if you're the sentimental type. We have lots of edgy options for you to consider, if that's what you're looking for--let's sit down together!