October 24, 2017

Gem Stories – Imperial Pink Topaz

#GemStories: The November birthstone topaz occurs in a wide range of colors including red, orange, peach, pink, gold, yellow, brown and clear. Pink topazes was tied to Russian royalty and called the “Imperial Topaz” as they were worn by none other than the czarina Catherine the Great. We can see... Read More

October 18, 2017

#SheSaidYes – Yellow Sapphire Engagement Ring

This engagement client was interested in yellow sapphire for his proposal, and we were delighted to find this stunning, diamond-y stone with incredible clarity and cut! A few weeks later, we met “her” and she was simply THRILLED with her ring. At New Gild, we make Art of the Heart.... Read More

October 12, 2017

New Gild, WomenVenture and the Ruby Slippers

Jen Bellefleur, Owner

When we decided to create New Gild, we faced many joys and challenges–including funding.  I feel incredibly lucky and honored that we were connected with WomenVenture, a non-profit organization that has been helping women create and grow sustainable and profitable businesses for four decades.  WomenVenture does so much more than... Read More

October 11, 2017

Art Deco Antique Restoration

Antique restoration is always one of our favorite projects! This magnificent hundred-year-old Art Deco ring made use of all of our skills to restore its original textures, prongs, and replacing a few chipped small diamonds. This ring now has another 50 years or more of life and will make a... Read More

October 11, 2017

Gem Stories – Tourmaline

Egyptian legend was that tourmaline because of its famed array of colors passed through a rainbow on the way up from the earth’s surface. In the late 19th century, tourmaline was discovered in California where Native Americans given the gems as tokens of respect for funerals. The stone was rediscovered... Read More

October 4, 2017

Gem Stories – October Opals

Opal is one of October’s birthstones and has a storied history. Arabic legends say it falls from the heavens in flashes of lightning. The ancient Greeks believed opals gave their owners the gift of prophecy and guarded them from disease. Europeans have long considered the gem a symbol of hope,... Read More

September 29, 2017

Yellow Diamond Earrings

Last year, we made a gorgeous pair of natural yellow diamond earrings for a client with a precious diamond halo. Her daughter couldn’t stop looking at them and loved them! Mom and dad decided to give her a very generous gift, and had us make a similar pair for their... Read More

September 27, 2017

Gem Geek Alert! Trapiche Sapphire

This engagement client had been talking about gemstones with his soon to be fiancé, when she casually mentioned that she would like a trapiche emerald, but that she knew that was rare and out of reach. One of the rarest gemstones on earth, trapiche is comprised of Emerald with lutite... Read More

September 22, 2017

The Perfect Wedding Gift – Opal Earrings

These made for a beautiful wedding gift, and were a dramatic look and a long-term investment piece for the bride. Opals have magical optical qualities that belie their humble origins as naturally occurring glass. This matched pair was clad in a hand-carved and cast palladium bezel, and paired with a... Read More

September 20, 2017

Gem Stories – Padparadscha Sapphires

The rarest type of sapphire is a gorgeous pink orange variety called padparadscha. It translates to lotus flower in Sanskrit. Second only to diamond in hardness, sapphire makes an exceptional engagement ring stone!