Custom Process

Custom Process

We work intuitively from our first contact with you to nurture ideas that will be right for you and your loved one.  At our first meeting, we ask lots of questions about the recipient, and you too if they are not one and the same.  We often begin fielding ideas at this very first encounter, and we work to ensure that our process and ideas are communicated to you at this meeting as well.

If you have your own diamond or gemstone, we work around it–if not, we help you decide what would suit your ideas and budget, and bring in stones for you to look at.  We’ll help guide you towards a good choice that you’ll always be happy you made.  Then, we design around our stone(s)!

We decide early on whether a hand carved wax or a 3D printed wax is more appropriate for your project, or even direct fabrication in metal.  Sometimes we have an idea that’s perfect at our first meeting, and then we get started on either CAD images to convey ideas, or dive right in carving a wax!  Other times, we meet face to face or virtually several times to bounce ideas back and forth, using design concept sketches or good old fashioned conversation.

Ultimately, we usually land on a wax model of your project that you can see and feel in 3D space.  We can either confirm ideas or tweak them from the wax, and we keep going until we have a wax that’s perfect.

Then, we cast the wax at one of our partner studios with casting equipment, which is a fancy way of saying we convert the wax object to a metal object.  Then, we work our magic at the bench to polish the casting and set diamonds and gemstones, as well as apply any hand finishes.  Then, we deliver your sparkle!  We always ensure that your ring or other jewelry object fits just right, and that it brightens up your life!