Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings

Here at New Gild, we want your engagement ring to be among the most sacred objects you’ll ever purchase.  Traditionally, an engagement ring has been a diamond solitaire–and a beautiful diamond ring will never go out of style.  For those seeking tradition, we enjoy offering a diamond education that will help you to choose a stone that you understand and is right for you.  We’ll help you pick out a classic, elegant band that says forever.

For folks who want a non-traditional engagement ring, we absolutely love creating one of a kind rings that are totally unique.  Together, we’ll discover gemstones to bring your love to life in a beautiful new ring that will be handcrafted right here in our workshop.  We offer “alternative” diamonds, which are those interesting stones that defy words like “white” or “round.”  We have excellent supplier relationships that allow us to find sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and any other stone for your unique proposal piece.

And lastly?  If you want to surprise her with a proposal but are hesitant to design the ring without her input, we’ve got a guaranteed solution for that.  We help you choose a diamond or gemstone that’s right for you, and set it safely in a simple mounting that will allow you to present it–then, after the proposal, together, we design the custom ring that she’ll wear forever.  We call this a “placeholder ring.”  Your commitment to the stone says that you love her, and then together we design a ring that expresses that she loves you, too.

Classic Engagement & Wedding Sets

The classics never go out of style for a reason. They have a history in our culture, families and society. Not everything needs a twist or to be reinvented – but we have endless options of longtime favorites of women from every background and culture.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to picking a ring, but we also don’t believe you need to a fortune to get the best service, advice and ring that will represent your relationship for a lifetime.

With rings starting at $2k, we not only deliver your dream ring or wedding set but do it a price that you can afford. That way you can propose in style and still afford the wedding, home or honeymoon of your dreams as well as a quality piece of special jewelry.